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Transaction Checklists, Transaction Planning and Reporting for Real Estate Agents and Teams

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OMS Software is a comprehensive, multi-user, cloud-based real estate transaction management system which also includes thorough financial and production analytics.  Using this system ensures that transactions will be handled more smoothly and efficiently than ever before.   You will deliver an exceptional customer experience which will result in repeat business and future referrals.

Our founder has been a top producing agent for 15 years and uses OMS daily

Empower yourself to: Manage and streamline your CLIENT files
Empower yourself to: INCREASE your EFFICIENCY and CAPACITY
Empower yourself to: Have FINANCIAL & PERFORMANCE DATA in a FEW CLICKS
Empower yourself to: PROVIDE an EXCEPTIONAL experience for YOUR CLIENTS

Transaction matrixes

See the progress of every one of your files on just one fully customizable screen.    Keep everyone up to speed in just one place on any device from anywhere in the world.


  • Sales Volume and Income Reports
  • Listing Performance Reports
  • Marketing Performance Reports
  • Affiliate Report
  • Historical Snapshot Matrix

Why oms?

One of a kind cloud based system which fully integrates client details, transaction details, document storage, and everyday color-coded "To Do Lists" in one program.

Developed by a top agent in the industry

Years of experience was the foundation for this powerful software.   Where database and spreadsheet information take it to an entirely new level only available with OMS software


Transaction Matrixes display all your client transactions on just ONE screen alerting the agent and/or team members precisely what needs to be done on each transaction, when it needs to be done and the current state of each task.     All Matrixes are multi-user friendly to allow for any number of team members to simultaneously view and enter data.  Numerous color-coding and data input control schemes are available for the user to fully customize the Matrixes to their own processes, preferences and unique operation.