OMS Software

A comprehensive, multi-user, cloud-based real estate transaction management system which also includes thorough financial and production analytics.  Using this system ensures that transactions will be handled more smoothly and efficiently than ever before.   You will deliver an exceptional customer experience which will result in repeat business and future referrals. 

Monitor, communicate, streamline, and simplify administrative processes for real estate transactions

Show a “birds eye” view of all client files on your computer screen at the same time

Allow access to data in real time for all users on any device, at any time, from anywhere 

Provide a centralized place where all transaction data is stored 

Foster client relationships leading to additional transactions with your client and future referrals 

Reports numerous income and performance statistics

Works across all platforms – PC, Tablets, Phones 

A completely customizable process management and checklist function is an integral part of the system.  This feature is unique because like transactions (ie: In Escrow or Active Listings) are viewed on a single screen in matrix format allowing for a complete overview of everything that needs to be done on every file.


To provide the tools to improve your business performance and take it to the next level


Our founder has been an extremely successful Real Estate Agent in Arizona since 2001.  As a solo agent, without a team,  she used and developed technology to make her administrative processes exceedingly productive.  oms Software is the culmination of a decade of work in this area.  Now you can use the same high-powered tools she does!