About Transaction Matrixes

Transaction Matrixes display all your client transactions on just ONE screen alerting the agent and/or team members precisely what needs to be done on each transaction, when it needs to be done and the current state of each task. All Matrixes are multi-user friendly to allow for any number of team members to simultaneously view and enter data. Numerous color-coding and data input control schemes are available for the user to fully customize the Matrixes to their own processes, preferences and unique operation.

Create checklists for tasks

Track the status of multi-step tasks

Assign tasks to a particular person

Share information with team members

Enter customized notes for the file

Indicate priorities and urgencies

Send “Alerts” to team members or staff

Efficiency Benefits

  • The primary benefit is that all of your transactions and each of the steps to complete them are displayed on one screen simultaneously.
  • OMS Software allows for checking off tasks and other data entry and lookup while in the field – you don’t have to write a note and enter later- everything is done in real time. Other task/transaction/project management systems make the user look at each transaction one-at-a-time.
  • Using OMS Software allows all users to determine which transactions need a specific task or set of tasks to be done. View each task for all transactions in chronological order for intuitive visual display of timeline by using colors and symbols chosen specifically by you.

Communication Benefits

  • Task assignment is done completely from within the system rather than by phone or email. This is accomplished by using customizable colors and characters to define what, by who and when to complete a task.
  • Alerts are sent directly from one member to another within the system.
  • All team members have access to all information wherever they are. It eliminates having to call or email others to ask about transaction data and status of tasks. This is especially important when team members don’t work in the same physical space, they are traveling, or they are meeting with clients. It eliminates the frustration of calling someone for information and finding them to be unavailable.